Studio Policies

All Studio policies are copyrighted 2018 and property of VividRich HQ.

Booking Reservation & Deposits

VividRich HQ requires a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the booking price to reserve any of our studios. Once a deposit is secured, VividRich HQ will create a reservation on our calendar to hold the client’s date and time. The remainder balance will be due at the time of the booking. BOOKING WILL NOT BE CONFIRMED, if deposit isn't made at the time of booking. 

Deposits paid to VividRich HQ are NON-REFUNDABLE. VividRich HQ requires a deposit to ensure the validity of the clients booking. To reserve a date and time, a minimum deposit of 50% of the studio price is required. However if a client pays more than 50% or pays in full, that amount is considered the deposit amount and again is NON-REFUNDABLE.

We understand that schedule conflicts may occur due to many moving parts in a booking. So you can change the date to your booking up to 24 hours of your schedule time. If you need to reschedule for any reason, there will be a $25 fee. Schedule day must be within 15 days. Only the client listed will be able to take possession of the reserve studio at time of reservation. If you have not arrived within an hour from your reserved time. We will assume your reservation is canceled.

For cancellations, please contact us 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged.

Equipment & Lighting Rental

Lighting and other equipment/props is NOT included with the studio rental rate. All of our equipment and props are rental items and can be added to any booking at any time based on availability.You are 100% welcome to bring your own props and lights.We have a multitude of equipment and gear for rent as well as pre-light options for your convenience. Do not truck equipment back and forth, we will have it all in place for you. If at anytime we see you using rental equipment and you did not pay for it, you will be charged.

Damages & Studio Cleanliness

The client accepts responsibility for any and all damage to the walls, floors, equipment, fixtures, appliances, couches, props and anything housed or affixed on or inside the studio during the time of their booking. The client is responsible for REPLACEMENT OF ANY EQUIPMENT MISSING OR DAMAGED.

The client is also responsible for returning the studio to the same condition as it was at the beginning of their rental. VividRich HQ will accept responsibility for cleaning the floors (mopping and sweeping), and light cleaning after the client’s booking has ended. All trash is to be placed in the receptacles by the client and/or production crew.

  • A $150 excessive clean up fee will be applied to the clients bill if the studio is not returned to an acceptable condition.

Our cyc wall studio floor comes as is. If the client’s production needs fresh paint applied to any of our studios, a charge for the price of the paint is applied. If there is any damage to any studio walls or equipments, a fee will be applied to final invoice. Prices are below.

  • Cyc Wall fresh white – $75

  • Green Screen fresh Chroma Key Green – $150

  • Cyc wall repair - $500

If a vehicle is driven onto cyc wall floor, a charge of $75 is applied for repaint fee.

Scheduling & Other Studio Rules


                                                     IF EXTRA TIME IS NEEDED FOR THAT, YOU MUST RESERVE TIME.


Depending on scheduling, a thirty minute grace period is allowed at the end of each reserved time.

Clients are responsible for keeping track of reserved time.
If the client runs over the time they booked, the price for each hour is the hourly rate for that particular studio. Overtime is subject to availability. 

Studio manager will inform client when five minutes is left on reserved time.

                     Other Studio Rules
 - Kids are allowed in the stuidio, but must be watched at ALL TIMES. At any time children is not watched, you will be asked to  
   terminate session. 

 - Drugs or Weapons are not allowed at anytime on premises. If weapon is discovered on premises, you will be asked to remove 
   it from the premises.

 - WE ARE NOT responsible for any of your items going missing. Please keep an eye on all your belongins.

 - Because we have multiple studio stages. We can not gurantee a quite set, we do offer full day rentals.